Terms and Conditions for the Online Sale of Goods and Services

2. Order Acceptance and Cancellation.

3. Prices and Payment Terms.

4. Shipments; Delivery; Title and Risk of Loss.

5. Returns and Refunds.


  • (i) transportation;
  • (ii) storage;
  • (iii) improper use;
  • (iv) failure to follow the product instructions;
  • (v) modifications;
  • (vi) combination or use with any products, materials, processes, systems or other matter not provided or authorized in writing by us;
  • (vii) unauthorized modifications or alterations;
  • (viii) normal wear and tear; or
  • (ix) external causes such as accidents, abuse, or other actions or events beyond our reasonable control.


7. Goods Not for Resale or Export.

8. Intellectual Property Use and Ownership.

9. Privacy

10. Force Majeure.

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction.

12. Dispute Resolution.

13. Assignment.

14. No Waivers.

15. No Third Party Beneficiaries.

16. Notices.

17. Severability.

18. Entire Agreement.