What is a trademarked ingredient?

At Evertrain, we strive to provide only the highest quality ingredients for our consumers. A trademarked ingredient is one that has been stringently researched, licensed, and patented by a manufacturer. So rather than reinventing the wheel, we've taken advantage of years of scientific research and included it in our products. Sure it may cost us more in licensing fees, but as we like to say: made with the best, for the best!

How and when can I take each product?

Well, that really depends on your lifestyle - maybe you're really going for it with two training sessions or maybe it's a rest day. Either way, here are our recommendations:

BASE: We recommend you consume two capsules with a meal once daily to enhance your health and performance every day.
PRE: Need a midday pick-me-up? Feel free to consume one scoop to meet your energy needs. But keep in mind - everyone has a different tolerance level so be sure to assess your own.
POST: It's a rest day, which means it's the perfect chance to accelerate your muscle recovery. We recommend you consume the same amount that you do on training days - one scoop, or two for conditioned athletes.
PROTEIN + HEALTH: Feel free to mix one scoop with your beverage of choice to meet your daily protein needs or for a meal on the go.

Can I take Evertrain products on non-training days?

Of course; in fact, we highly recommend it.


How does the Evertrain Health & Performance System work?

Evertrain has crafted a portfolio of products specifically designed to complement each other to maximize your training. Each product is specially formulated to meet your daily performance-based needs and optimize your overall health when taken as a system.
As the foundation of the Evertrain Health & Performance System, BASE amplifies each of the other individual products in the portfolio, enhancing their effects. So while each product can be taken independently, we recommend using the full system to capitalize on the hard work you're putting in.

How often should I take the products as a system (e.g. once a day, twice a day, etc.)?

Our in-house Doctor of Pharmacy has intentionally built the Evertrain Health and Performance System to meet the needs of the everyday athlete, whether on training or non-training days.
BASE should be taken once daily with a meal on both training and non-training days.
On training days, we recommend taking at least one serving of each product. Conditioned athletes may consider taking up to two servings of PRE and POST. PROTEIN + HEALTH should be taken after each workout, but also serves as a tasty treat throughout the day.
On non-training days, the system still serves a unique purpose in that it further aids full recovery before your next workout. We recommend consuming one scoop of PRE, POST, and PROTEIN + HEALTH to supplement your body with proper recovery agents, making the most of your day off.

What if I only want to buy one of the products (e.g. PRE)?

We understand that consumers have their own unique lifestyles, training routines, and goals. In this case, one size doesn't fit all. While the products work even better together, they still work great individually.

What is the purpose of the BASE product? How is this different than other multivitamins?

BASE is an advanced daily health supplement that goes beyond that of a multivitamin to promote heart, brain, eye, muscle, and bone health. The formulation is scientifically designed for your active lifestyle by improving cognitive function, increasing exercise endurance, accelerating muscle recovery, and enhancing vision.